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Pre-Purchase Inspections

For most of us, a home is one of the largest investments we ever make. Whether you're buying for the first time or well-versed in the buying process, one of the best ways to know you're making a sound investment is to hire a qualified Home Inspector.

HomePro Inspections is the Okanagan's most respected and trusted leader in home inspections!

You can be sure that our inspectors are working exclusively for you - not the seller, nor the selling real estate agent. Our experts can make the buying process easier by giving you knowledge and peace of mind while our report, the HOMEBOOK, will give you the information you need to maintain your home.

Now that you are living in your home, it is important to ensure you and your family are safe!
What is Radon Gas?

It is a colourless, odourless gas that contains radioactive particles.

Why is it a concern?

Radon gas is a known cause of lung cancer.

Is it a problem in the Okanagan?

Yes, the BC Radiation Protection Branch recommends testing in every home between the Costal and Rocky Mountains. The Okanagan Valley is considered “at risk”.

Is it in every house?

No and in some houses the level will be low enough to be considered safe, while others will have concentrations high enough to constitute a significant health risk.

How do I know if my home has high Radon Gas levels?

Testing is the only way to be sure, and long term testing is most accurate. A radon gas test should last at least 3 months in the heating season while 9 to 12 months is better. The 9 month test should include a heating season.

How do I test for Radon Gas?

HomePro sells long term Alpha Track Radon gas test kits which can alert you of high levels and are considered very reliable, contact us for complete information.

What can be done if the readings are high?

Mitigation is a fairly simple process but the first step is to find out if the level of Radon Gas in your home are cause for concern.

Where can I get more information?

Contact HomePro

A HomePro Pre-listing inspection is a home inspection that is performed before the house goes on the market. The benefits of this inspection help create a powerful marketing tool that can be used during the process of selling a house.
What is unique about a HomePro Marketing inspection?
  • A Complete report is included and left on site.
  • A 2 sided one-page Summary Report is also included.
    - Photo of house on one side
    - Summary of major house findings on the other
  • HomePro provides a copy of the Summary and the inspection report pages to your Real Estate Professional.
  • The Summary Report can be posted on a private web page at the seller’s discretion. Click here to view an example.
Take a few minutes and learn more about how our marketing inspections can help sell your house faster.

We can provide inspection services for all types of commercial and multifamily buildings (also known as Property Condition Assessment) . As each building is different and has different uses, each commercial inspection is unique and we have the specific knowledge and training. You are provided with an extensive computer report including digital photos and an executive summary that highlights all the major components and concerns with the building. Please contact us for more information on the services we can provide.

Our WETT Qualified Inspectors (Wood Energy Transfer Technology) can review the installation of all factory built solid fuel appliances in relation to CSA B-365. Factory built appliances can be described as, wood stoves, pellet stoves, corn stoves, factory built fireplaces, combination wood/oil or wood/electric furnaces as well as add-on solid fuel furnaces. Our documentation of an installation conforming to the CSA Standard is recognized by insurance companies and underwriters.

HomePro Inspections also provides the following services:

• Expert Witness
• Building Solutions, Troubleshooting, Consulting
• Educational Seminars
• Water quality testing

Please contact our office for further information on any of our services